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One thing to take note of in the trailer and announcement for Forza Horizon 5's first expansion Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels is that it's "all in game 4K footage", a testament to just how gorgeous the open-world racer is on Xbox Series X|S and PC. And yeah, adding giant Hot Wheels loops and tracks to Horizon's digital Mexico is a sight to behold.

The expansion releases on July 19 for $19.99 USD or as part of the Premium editions of the game. One of the cool features is that you'll be able to design and build your very own Hot Wheels circuit "with over 80 distinct, snappable track pieces" and race using 10 new Hot Wheels inspired cars. Check it out.

Here's Mike Brown, Creative Director of Forza Horizon, Playground Games breaking it all down - piece by piece.

Hi, Horizon Hot Wheels Park

The new Horizon Hot Wheels Park has some of the fastest, most extreme tracks ever in a Horizon game, including more than 200 kilometres (that’s around 125 miles for our non-metric friends) of twisting, looping iconic orange track. Explore a sprawling Hot Wheels open world with new driving experiences such as gravity defying magnet tracks as well as ice, water flume, and rumble tracks.

We’ve also added four new biomes, including the rugged Giant’s Canyon; the Ice Cauldron where frozen tundra drips into the glistening molten lava; Forest Falls which takes you high above the tree canopy and over epic waterfalls, and finally, the visually stunning Horizon Nexus, where the Horizon Festival is suspended among a web of Hot Wheels tracks.

Become a Hot Wheels Legend

Players can complete missions to unlock special Hot Wheels Heats events and celebrate the history of Hot Wheels in a new five-part Horizon Story. Along your journey to becoming a Hot Wheels Legend, look out for new Accolades, Bonus Boards, Floating Piñata collectibles, PR Stunts and new Hot Wheels Seasonal Events which contribute to your overall Festival Playlist completion.

And, in a first for Forza, join friends and play the entire expansion from the very beginning in co-op. You can also compete and take on the world in Horizon Open, or team up and race a team of Drivatars in Horizon Tour. Free Fast Travel is also immediately unlocked for all players at the Horizon Hot Wheels Park, allowing you to quickly reach your friends no matter where they are located on the map.

Dream It, Build It, Share It

We’re also so excited to see what players dream up in EventLab, where you’ll have the freedom to design, build, and share using the new Hot Wheels Creation Kit.

We’ve added over 80 new track and stunt pieces that instantly snap together thanks to new improvements to the EventLab toolset. New props included within the Hot Wheels Creation Kit can be easily attached to each other with a button push when using the Blueprint Builder.

Once you’ve built your dream Hot Wheels creation, make sure to share it for the entire community to discover and play. We can’t wait to see what you bring to life!

Those Cars, Though…

We couldn’t bring you a new Hot Wheels adventure without new cars. We’re excited to expand the Forza Horizon 5 fleet with 10 incredible new to Forza cars, including four new Hot Wheels scaled up to life size.

One of my personal faves is the 2018 Chevrolet Hot Wheels COPO Camaro, which is inspired by the first ever Hot Wheels Custom Camaro from 1968.

On a final note, Playground and Xbox note that since launching last year Forza horizon 5 has seen over 20 million players jump in and race within the first six months of release. This is without a doubt one of the best and most popular Xbox franchises and Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels is shaping up to be a very special expansion.

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