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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:36pm 22/02/18 | 8 Comments
Warframe has been around for a few years now, and the fast-paced third person online action title has only grown from strength to strength during that time. So much so that as a free-to-play game it offers an almost embarrassment of gameplay riches. Especially for anyone who's after deep and rewarding action-RPG set in an expansive and detailed sci-fi world.

And so we bring you 10 reasons that you should be playing. Where Tenno in the headline represents the race of ancient warriors and who you are in Warframe. Also, Tenno is a play on the number 10. Which is one less than 11. Reasons to play Warframe that is.

Click Here to Read Warframe - Tenno Reasons You Should Be Playing

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Posted 06:30pm 22/2/18
I just re-installed this after having a break for a year. Excellent game, so much to do now. There's many more new quests and that open map is great. Plus it looks awesome and runs amazing in 4k maxed on my 390x.

Dat learning curve though.
Posted 12:43pm 23/2/18
This has inspired me to download on the xbox and give it a crack!
Posted 03:38pm 23/2/18
Yeah the learning curve and time commitment to ramp up in these type of games puts me off a bit. Looks damn good though, might check it out.
Posted 06:32pm 23/2/18
learning curve is steep for sure, but best bet is to not try and figure it all out right away. after you pick your first frame/weapons get used to the abilities/feel as you level. so much content. funky, I'm on xbox so hit me up if you see me online 'Toadovsky'
Posted 08:12pm 23/2/18
lazy question, is this f2p on PC?
Posted 06:57pm 24/2/18
Posted 12:13pm 26/2/18
Having an occasional run around on PC as 'Sinkr0', seems like fun so far cheers.
Posted 07:46pm 26/2/18
I downloaded it but not played it yet, Will give it a crack in a few min.
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